Online Personal Training / Personal Trainer Services including : Fitness Programs, Diets and Nutrition Plans!


Morrison Muscle Mobile is the Ultimate Mobile Personal Fitness Training Service. 

Morrison Muscle Personal Fitness Programs are downloaded in Microsoft Word and Excel Format.

 As long as your Palm or Pocket PC supports Native Microsoft Word and Native Microsoft Excel,

you can order and download any Morrison Muscle Fitness Program

or Nutrition/Diet Plan directly from your mobile device. Click below to find the service that best meets your needs:


1. Insta-Program

2. Insta-Nutrition Plan 

3. Other Programs (Program Designs, Nutrition Plans & VIP CLUB registration)

4. PRO SHOP  (Ball Caps Now Available).

5. About Me:

6. Personal Trainer Profile

7. Resistance Training Principles: By Nevin Morrison

 8. Fitness & Nutrition Links

9.  Fitness Papers by: Nevin Morrison

10.  Glossary of Terms

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