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Why Online Personal Training?

  Access to personal trainers is often difficult and expensive. With online personal training you are able to access all of the information that a personal trainer would give you, for just a fraction of the cost.  Online personal training is perfect for people who have a home gym or have a gym membership and just don't want to pay expensive personal training fees.  Morrison Muscle has several options to help you reach your fitness goals.  The first and by far the most popular option is Insta-Program.  Insta-Program is the best choice for about 95% of the population.  It is the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to get a personalized fitness program on the web.  It is the right choice for people with regular fitness goals like muscle gain, weight loss, increased flexibility, general health and fitness or wanting to increase muscular strength or endurance.  Click here to learn more about Insta-Program.  If you have very special fitness needs (e.g.  high performance athletes, people with medical conditions ect.) you may choose the more expensive Personally Designed Fitness Program. This program will be personally designed to meet your very specific fitness needs.  Either way, you can guarantee that you will have an excellent personal fitness program designed to target your goals, availability and fitness level.  All programs are based on scientific principles and personally designed by Nevin Morrison (B.A. Kinesiology, B. Ed Physical Education Major, Sport Management Diploma and Certified Personal Fitness Trainer) to meet your specific goals and needs.   Make the choice to meet your fitness goals today.

All Natural. All The Time!!

" I believe in all natural body building.  This means no steroids, no supplements and no diuretics.  I specialize in training and nutrition.  That's all I do."

Nevin Morrison  

B.A. Kinesiology & B. Ed. Physical Education 


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