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Glossary of Key Terms:

Adaptation: Your body will adapt to the demands put on it.

Specificity: Your body will adapt specifically to the demands put on it. e.g. if you are going to train for a marathon, don't lift heavy weights, train by running.

Overload: By gradually increasing intensity (weight, speed, reps, sets, time ect.) your body can adapt and to a higher level of performance.

Rest: body needs 48-72 hours in between workouts of the same muscle group to heal and adapt.

Over Training: In resistance training if the muscle group is not given sufficient time to heal it may in fact atrophy.

Hypertrophy: Increase in muscle size.

Atrophy: Decrease in muscle size.

Reps:  Number of repetitions continually repeated per exercise.

Sets:  Number of time you complete an exercise (a set of reps).

Muscular Strength:  Ability to lift a weight 1 time.

Muscular Endurance: Ability to continually lift a weight over a period of time.

Power:  Combination of speed and force.

Fatigue: Fatigue is the point of muscular failure that must be reached to stimulate muscle growth.