About Me!



        My name is Nevin Morrison. I have a B.A. Kinesiology, B Ed.  with a major in Physical Education and a Sport Management Diploma.  I have been involved in the field of Kinesiology and Sport Studies for approximately ten years. In this time I have taken six and a half years of post secondary education in the field along with many years of resistance training and personal training. I have a large body of knowledge in the field, including knowledge about steroid use and supplementation. But I have never taken a supplement (beyond the occasional protein shake) or steroid in my life. My area of expertise is in training, nutrition and more specifically training principles. For more knowledge on gaining skeletal muscle mass please refer to : Increasing Skeletal Muscle Mass

The Business of Sport and Fitness as I see it...

        In recent years the Sport and Fitness industry has become a multi-million dollar money making industry. This industry is powered by many cultural ideals ( skinny fit woman, big muscular man, bigger, faster, stronger) and an interest in health as a society. The science for the industry of Sport and Fitness has expanded enormously. The major problem is that most of the science on the market place is either directed toward the sale of a product (e.g. supplements) or studies are not done because of ethical reasons (e.g. steroids). Therefore most of the things people see on the market or hear through the grape vine are subject to bias and criticism. Information given about products such as supplements and training equipment is almost  completely biased as the information is usually given by someone attempting to sell a product. For example, people who sell exercise machines such as the ab-roller, ab-doer ect. do not explain to people that in order to find success with these machines you also have to do some kind of cardiovascular exercise. You can not spot reduce fat. Although these ab-machines work the abdominal muscles they do not get rid of over lying fat. Therefore you don't get that desired six-pack. This is just one example of the obvious fallacies that are not mentioned in the advertising of products on the market. Fitness is not easy. You can not buy your fitness.

        An area in the field that is probably the most prevalent and lacks most study is in the area of steroids. Steroids work. Steroids have many potentially harmful side effects so they are not studied on tests in people. There is so much myth surrounding steroids one does not even know where to start when talking about them. Muscle does not turn to fat when you stop using steroids. I know people that have done steroids. When they stop doing them the muscle does not go away as long as they continue to stimulate the muscle with high intensity training. Many professional athletes use steroids in the off season and then continue training to reap the benefits during the season and still be able to pass the drug tests.

        Another problem with the industry is the personal training business itself as trainers often withhold practical resistance training information from clients in order to maintain there business. If their clients understood what there trainer was doing they would not have as much need for a trainer anymore. Considering this, this is where on line personal training comes into play. If you don't have motivational problems you do not need a personal trainer to be with you all of the time. All you need is some basic knowledge about resistance training, some basic safety knowledge and a training program. These things are all included in my Insta-Programs and/or   Personally Designed Fitness Programs. After a while to avoid plateaus it may be wise to get an update program.


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